It never ceases to amaze us how many people take their very first boat ride ever aboard our 73 foot passenger vessel. Boating can be great fun, and with our experienced and entertaining Captain and Crew aboard, you will see why! The Screamer has many return riders each year and now. We do assure you that a cruise on the Sea Screamer will be the highlight of your vacation here to the panhandle.


Season Schedule 2012  
1-pm - Cruises on Tues, Thurs and Saturdays  
1-pm - Regular Cruise  
5-pm - Sunset Cruises  
1-pm Daytime Dolphin  
6-pm Sunset Dolphin Cruise- Please Call For Schedule!  
1-pm Daytime Dolphin Cruise  
6-pm Fantastic Sunset Dolphin Cruise  
And ya Wanna Cool Off! Our water-blaster battles are awesome!  
9-am or 12-noon Mid Day - Dolphin Cruises  
6-pm - Popular Sunset Dolphin Cruises Everday  
July 4th, 7:30pm - Spectacular Fireworks/Dolphin Cruise on  
Please Call to Reserve on Any Trip!  
5:30 pm Sunset Dolphin Cruises  
Reservations Required on Trips  
5:00 pm Awesome Sunset Dolphin Cruises and  
OCTOBER- closed on Mondays.
4:00pm Sunset Trips
1 pm - Daytime Dolphin Cruises on Wed & Fridays  
Open with 1 pm Cruises Tues, Thrs, Sat.
CALL & Reserve. ONE of the only Boat Tours Open Thanksgiving Week!
Trips will be scheduled if the weather permits so... call us. 1pm cruises